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The Gourmet Protein Experience

Gone are the days of the bland protein cookies that are hard enough to break a window. We've remastered the recipe and added a dash of chef-inspired luxury to bring you the first soft-baked gourmet protein cookie.

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4.9 / 5.0


These cookies are insane! Wasn’t sure at first because I didn’t know anyone, personally, to try them, but they are so freaking good! My favorite, so far, is the Monster cookie.

Carey P.


The cookies taste great and nicely portioned ! Although I’m disappointed I could get the butter cookie! Every time I checked they are OUT!!!



These cookies are AMAZING!! They taste like a normal cookie with the added benefit of protein.

Mackenzie H.


My taste buds have gotten so used to the clay-tasting, sugar-filled nonsense that is Lenny and Larry's that i forgot what cookies could actually taste like. Until i had these. These are dangerous to keep in the house, as i wanted to eat all 6 i ordered at once. Highly recommend and will be ordering in the future



Classic chocolate cookie with all the protein and no guilt! I really enjoy the dense consistency of it because it keeps me full. The flavor is great and I am buying almost every week!

Christina H.


Don't buy these cookies. You will eat all of them in one sitting, wondering where has this heaven been all my life? Is this what joy tastes like? Every other thing you eat that day will be a disappointment.



I love these cookies so much more than I thought I would. I thought they might have a “different” texture or flavor, but they don’t!

April P.


Welcome newcomer, Chonky Monkey!

A protein cookie perfect for banana lovers. Mixed with walnuts, banana and chocolate chunks. This protein cookie comes packed with 28g of protein per cookie.

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Truly gourmet

Experience the soft, mouthwatering flavors we bake fresh every week using only the best, necessary ingredients to delight your palette.

Why Our Cookies Stand Out

  • Superior Protein Blend

    All of our gourmet protein cookies use the perfect blend of whey and casein that results in 26g - 30g of quality, digestable protein per cookie.

  • Calorie Conscious

    While not the lowest calorie cookie on the market, we never sacrifice flavor or texture. Our ingredients are chosen specifically to maintain a soft texture, and compliment our gourmet flavors. When compared to other non-protein cookies and even protein cookies you can find in gas stations today, we're the lower calorie option.

  • Fresh Baked Weekly

    We fresh bake new gourmet protein cookie menus weekly. Make sure to sign up for our email or sms text list to never miss new flavors, or the return of your favorites.

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